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5 Reasons to Place an Awning Over Your Front Door

An awning is an extension of your home that is designed to make the exterior of your property more enjoyable. An awning's primary function is to provide shade and shelter as well as help reduce energy costs by keeping temperatures cool.
Placing an awning over your front door gives you a simple home upgrade you can benefit from right away. Whether you choose a retractable or fixed awning for your exterior entryway, here are five benefits you can enjoy by having this addition placed on the outside of your home.

An Awning Adds Dimension

If your front door is flush with your home and has no extending features, such as a long entryway or a front deck, then an awning can add dimension to your home. Even if you have a usable front porch, an awning will add a framing detail that can make your front porch stand out for greater curb appeal.
Talk to your awning expert about having a custom cover designed for your home that will match your current decor or personal style. Since awnings are made of various materials like wood, metal, fabric and even vinyl finishes, your awning expert will be happy to help design the right awning for your needs.

An Awning Keeps Your Porch Area Clean

An awning helps block the unsavory filth, such as leaves, dirt, bird feces and other matter, that can accumulate on the exterior of your property.
To wash an awning, all you typically need is soap and water. Simply spray your awning down after it has accumulated dirt and other debris. Your awning contractor can assist you in maintenance for your awning so it always has a clean appearance An Awning is Energy-Efficient
Your awning will not only provide a beautiful cover for your front door, it will also block the sun's rays from penetrating your home in the summer while keeping cool winds out in the winter. When installed correctly, your awning can help you save money on your energy bills.
Your awning expert can show you other areas of your home's exterior that may benefit economically from awnings as well for even greater savings.

An Awning Allows for Greater Outdoor Enjoyment

An awning transforms your front door area and porch into an outdoor entertainment space. With the shielding cover above your head, you can enjoy sitting on your porch at any time of day in all seasons. If you love being outside but don't want to face the elements, an awning placed above your front door can allow you to feel more comfortable outside.

An Awning Adds Unique Appeal

Adding curb appeal to your home is important to you, but you probably want to be unique in the upgrades you do. An awning is not only protective and attractive, it adds to that unique curb appeal you desire. Place freshly-potted plants underneath your new awning, on each side, to make the structure stand out even more.
If you are unsure about having a permanent cover placed over your front porch, simply request a retractable version be installed. A retractable awning can be "reeled" in by hand, which allows you to control just how much coverage your front porch has at any given time.
An awning is a simple upgrade that can provide many benefits to your home. Your front door area can be made more glamorous and useful, regardless of if you have a retractable or fixed awning installed. Our experts at Eikelberger Awning & Drapery Co. are happy to assist you in choosing the best awning or canopy for your home. Let us show you what we have available today.