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5 Ways an Awning Can Boost Your Bar or Brewery

Red Awning In A Bar

Wine bars and microbreweries are popular places to sit and relax, but they face a tough world of competition for customers' attention. As you plan to open your new watering hole business, you need every advantage you can get. 

One of the least expected but most cost effective ways to build your brand and attract customers is with the strategic use of an awning. How? Here are five ways to use an awning to solve a variety of branding challenges.

1. Create a Welcoming Entry

The front door needs to encourage guests to step inside and enjoy your offerings. Make your entry stand out with a bright, branded awning.

Is your tasting room on a busy sidewalk? Keep the awning simple and smaller, covering the door and only a few feet around it. Have more space? Stand out from your environment with a larger awning — perhaps one that extends outward to form a welcoming walkway — to make yourself more visible and cheerier.  

2. Encourage Visitors to Look In

Do you have front windows on a pedestrian traffic area? Then you have a natural storefront billboard that you should take advantage of. Use windows to highlight anything from what's on tap to trivia night to how your beer is brewed. 

One way to help people spend more time thinking about your bar is to encourage them to stop right in front of those windows. A fun awning protects passersby from the elements — sun and heat in the summer as well as snow or rain in the winter.  People who gather there for a break from harsh weather are primed for stepping inside. 

3. Make Your Interior Stand Out

When used inside, an awning or shade adds charm and a retro feeling. Wine bars wanting to exude an Old World, European feeling could use a cute cafe awning over displays or pouring stations. Create a focal point with the bar by installing a long, narrow awning over it. Or, design small cafe-style awnings over some tables or booths to give them a little added fun and coziness. 

4. Hide Unsightly Views

Many brewers and winemakers like to invite the public into the back end to see parts of the production. But you may not want the entire working area visible. A well-placed vertical awning can help. Vertical awnings can block views of upper floors and catwalks and create a pleasing background in an industrial working area.

Use customized canvas or vinyl covers to cover up large machinery when not in use or keep your working messes out of public view. 

5. Open up a Patio 

One of the biggest draws for many visitors to bars and breweries is an outdoor eating and drinking area. But any outdoor area invariably needs protection from the elements — hot and cold alike — at least some of the time.

If you only have space for a few tables, install a large retractable awning that you can use or not use depending on the weather. Covering a larger area? Try large sail shades, which you can remove if you want but also serve as attractive decor all the time. 

Which of these simple shade ideas could take your wine or beer tasting room to the next level? No matter whether you want to boost your brand as people approach or create a more striking interior, an awning gives you new choices and may even spark inspiration for more.

At Eikelberger Awning & Drapery Co., we can customize shades to meet your business's needs and boost its profile. Call us today to learn more.