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Awnings 101: How The Color Of Your Awning Affects Shoppers

Color has a huge impact on consumers. In fact, specific colors can influence the reaction and behavior of shoppers. This is why it is so important that you carefully choose an awning color for your business. While any color could work, studies suggest that specific colors will attract specific consumers. So which color is best for your commercial awning?

Primary Colors

As you might expect, primary colors are great for attracting kids. Bright shades of blue, red and yellow can evoke a playful feeling. This is perfect for stores that sell items for children, such as toys or clothing.

A single bright hue alone is enough to attract the attention of a child. However, multiple bright shades may work better. Studies suggest that children are most attracted to items with several bright colors. So you might want to consider a custom awning that features three or more fun colors.

Pastels and Light Shades

If you want to attract female shoppers, pastels or light shades are the way to go. Pastel hues evoke a feminine feeling, which is perfect for attracting women of all ages. Shades of red and purple are the best choices for attracting female buyers.
  • Pink: Light pink shades have a calming effect. In fact, studies show that the color pink can help slow down the endocrine system. This makes buyers feel relaxed.
  • Purple: Light purple shades, such as lavender, have an elegant feeling. Popular in the beauty industry, pastel purple shades can make buyers feel like they are buying a special or luxury product.
  • White: Finally, white might be a good color to consider. An elegant and upscale color, white signifies honesty and purity. Popular in the tech industry, white is a simple but modern color.
While women may be attracted to other colors as well, these are certainly the most popular.

Bright Shades

Use bright shades, such as blue or green, to attract male shoppers. Men are typically simple shoppers, which is why it's a good idea to stick to simple, but bright, hues.
  • Blue: A blue shade, such as teal or turquoise, evokes feelings of trust. Popular in banks, blue is a dependable and honest color. Studies also suggest that shades of blue can improve customer retention and loyalty, which is an added bonus.
  • Green: Ideal for attracting outdoor lovers, green is another color that is popular with men. Shades such as fern, moss, or olive are commonly found in fishing and outdoor stores. Brighter hues, such as lime, are youthful and energizing – which is why they are popular in energy drinks.
Blue and green are certainly the most popular colors for attracting male shoppers. However, other colors, such as brown and black, may also attract male shoppers.

Warm Colors

Finally, you might want to consider choosing a warm color for your awning. Warm colors are seen as honest and trustworthy. They are also eye-catching, which is why they are common with discount stores.
  • Red: As you might expect, red is an impulsive and urgent color. Studies suggest that the color red can raise adrenaline levels, which increases heart rate. This is why it is so popular on clearance and sales signs.
  • Orange: Another color that may help attract shoppers is orange. Bright and youthful, orange is a simple and trustworthy color. More popular with men, shades such as tangerine can help grab the attention of a passerby. Often seen at DIY or budget stores, orange is seen as budget-friendly and dependable.
  • Yellow: Bright and fun, yellow shades are often synonymous with happiness. Popular in food chains, studies suggest that yellow colors can help increase appetite. Full of energy, yellow is a great color for grabbing the attention of consumers.
Ideal for attracting impulse shoppers, warm colors are associated with confidence and happiness.

Which Color Should You Choose?

As you can see, color can have a huge impact on your business. The type of color you choose will largely depend on your business and goals. This guide can certainly help you choose a color that suits your needs. However, don't hesitate to ask for help if needed. 

For more information about awning colors, contact Eikelberger Awning & Drapery Company today. Our professionals are happy to assist you with all of your awning needs.