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Choose the Right Awning for Your Backyard

Awning Retracted Over Doorway
Your backyard is the perfect place to put an awning. However, awnings come in many different styles and colors. Which awning style will be right for your home? Here's how to choose between the various factors of your awning. 

Mechanical or Manual Awnings

Some awnings are put down manually whereas other awnings have motors. If you are going to be putting your awnings up and down frequently, a mechanical awning is almost always better. Mechanical awnings are more expensive and they do have additional moving parts, which may involve additional maintenance and repair. However, they are more convenient.
You're more likely to move your awning around in areas that have high winds or other temperature and weather extremes. You could also choose awnings that are permanent and do not retract at all. These are ideal for areas where you'll always want your awning, such as full sun patios.

Awning Sizes

Awnings can extend anywhere from 10 to 40 feet away from the back of your home. This choice is more than just the size of your patio, although that is one important factor. The size of your awning is also going to impact how the awning is impacted by wind, snow, and other weather issues.
Ideally, you usually want your awning to cover your entire patio area so you can enjoy it whether the weather is brightly sunny or gently raining. If you're in an area that is often subject to high winds, however, you may want to reduce the size of the awning to shorter than 20 feet. 
Even a retractable awning's size is impacted by the local winds. If your area is normally windy, a canopy larger than 40 feet could easily be disrupted during regular use. 


In the old days, awnings often came in bright, contrasting colors. They were cheerful, bright, but also old-fashioned. Today, awnings come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. You can choose your awning based on the style of your home.
Not only does an awning need to mix with your home's appearance, but it also has to mix with your garden and patio area. If your home is painted in subdued colors, a brightly-colored awning may look garish. On the other hand, if you often maintain a brilliantly-colored garden, you may have more leeway for a festive pattern.
Remember that an awning is an addition to your home. Not only is an awning a sturdy upgrade, but it will impact the value of your home. When purchased from a reputable vendor and with the right style, awnings will improve the value of your home. A cheap, garish awning, on the other hand, could reduce your home's value.

Choosing a Good Awning for Your Neighborhood

Finally, you may want to consider the additions and awnings throughout your neighborhood. As mentioned, an awning is an addition to your home that impacts the value of your property. Your awning is more likely to add value to your property if it fits into the style of your neighborhood. Your awning is more likely to have a negative impact if it's different.
Observing your neighbors will also tell you a lot about what your neighbors have found most functional. If you see any tattered, torn, or unused awnings in your neighborhood, you may want to consider getting a different size or brand.
Awnings are a great way to add utility and beauty to your home. Once you find the right awning, you can enjoy your patio nearly year around. For more information and for a quote, you can contact Eikelberger Awning & Drapery Co.