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Custom Drapery and Awning Ideas for Your Bed &Breakfast

Bedroom Drapes

You want your bed and breakfast to be comforting and inviting to all your many guests. One way to give your B&B an upgrade is to install custom drapes and awnings on your property to add charm and unique appeal. Here are some ideas to consider regarding custom drapes and awnings for your business.


Consider these ideas and styles when placing drapes in the individual rooms inside your bed and breakfast.


It's wise to stick to neutral tones for a few reasons: neutrals are gender-friendly and complement any style of room decor. Neutral tones, such as soft gray, light beige, sand, and other earth tones, also add a calming touch to drapes. Complement neutral tones with soft gauzy under-layer drapes in trendy tones like mint green, coral, goldenrod, or ocean blue.

Metallic Accents

Give drapery a modern, yet timeless touch with metallic accents. Drapes in any light or rich hue are given greater dimension when silver or gold threads are added to the drapery's materials. Consider adding a metallic panel to the bottom of sweeping drapes to add an alluring splash of classic color that gives your B&B's rooms added elegance.


Add dimension to smaller windows by layering drapes in various hues, textures, patterns. Geometric patterns and stripes in the outer drape layers are streamlined and allow the lace, gauze, or sheer drapes underneath to stand out in their own right.

Add a curtain scarf along the tops of drapes to add elegance: curtain scarves should be a darker hue that complements the main design of the rest of your custom drapes: if your drapes are a soft yellow, then consider a rich gold curtain scarf for a beautiful finish.


Awnings are often placed on business fronts to add colorful dimension and a traditional charm. Awnings can give your bed and breakfast an old-time appeal that impresses guests before they step foot in your door.

Awnings also provide shade when placed over doorways, main windows, and private balcony rooms. Consider these awning ideas for your B&B's windows.


Bullnose awnings are rounded awnings with edged panels to give the awning design a more dimensional effect. Choose a solid white or cream awning hue, or opt to have each panel striped to add dimension and charm.


Concave awnings dent inward with a ledge at the end, providing a streamlined, modern appeal.


With a classic style and a straight edge, the traditional awning is ideal for your bed & breakfast if simplicity is what you desire.


A waterfall awning has a rounded edge with straight sides, adding beautiful allure to your B&B, particularly if your building has straight designs and needs softening with exterior treatments.

Arch Canopy

This canopy-style awning is ideal for shading entrances, such as the front and back doors of your B&B.

Other styles of awnings are also available, as well as many color combinations to choose from. Speak to your awning and drapery specialist to help you determine what awnings are best for your bed & breakfast. You aren't limited to one style of awning: you can place an arch canopy awning over your main entrance while using a waterfall design for bedrooms, for example.

You can upgrade your B&B many different ways with simple window treatments. To give your business's interior and exterior an upgrade that will last, consider drapery and awning additions.

Never install drapes or awnings on your own; your professional awning and drapery specialist will listen to your design needs and create custom designs that work best with your B&B. Our specialists at Eikelberger Awning & Drapery Co. can assist you. Contact us today!