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How to Choose Awning Styles for Your Home

An awning can be a great addition to your home. Shading your windows from the sun, it can protect your furniture and window frames from the negative effects of the sun’s UV rays. Additionally, if you want to enjoy a book or converse with guests near a window, the sun shining in your eyes can be extremely uncomfortable. An awning can prevent this. To get the best awning, you should choose the best style for your needs.
  • The right style - Some awnings can be attached to the side of the house with hooks and then connected to poles, providing a covering for the patio or backyard. Since the awning is usually connected to the house in only a few places, there are often minimum structural changes required.
  • Protection - Another thing to consider is the amount of protection you want. Some awnings only have a top, while leaving the sides exposed. Others, though, may also extend downward to block the sun in multiple directions.
  • Colors - Awnings can come in various colors. It’s important to pick the color that fits your style decor. If you are looking for something subtle, a color that matches your house’s siding or blends in with the shutters or doors may work best. However, you may want to use a spectacular bold color if your goal is to make your house look more dramatic.
Choosing the right awning style may improve the aesthetics and functionality of your home. Call Eikelberger Awning & Drapery Co. at 775-200-0058 to learn more about awnings.