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The Many Benefits of Commercial Awnings

Many businesses that have an external storefront or outdoor space install awnings because they offer a multitude of benefits that ultimately lead to increased foot traffic and sales. If you own a business that has an external storefront or outdoor area, here are some ways stalling a commercial awning benefits your business and customers.

Increases Visibility and Traffic

First, installing an awning is one of the best ways to increase your business' visibility. Awnings are more noticeable than signs in windows because they're up higher and can be seen from further away. They're also more visible than many signs that are higher up because they protrude out from the building itself.
As an added benefit, awnings can even have signage incorporated into their graphics. This combines the benefits of a raised sign and an awning and will make your business as visible as possible.
Increasing visibility, of course, has a significant benefit for any business that maintains a physical space. As more people become aware of your business, the number of customers coming to your business will likely increase. With an increase in traffic, an increase in sales often follows.

Expands Retail or Seating Space

Second, installing an awning expands your business' space. Whether you run a retail store or a restaurant, having extra space lets you sell more wares or serve more customers.
In theory, it's possible to put racks of products or tables for customers outside without an awning overhead. When this is done, the outdoor section often seems separate from the main business. For retail stores, the racks are more like a sidewalk store than a traditional storefront. For restaurants, the atmosphere is different from the main seating area.
Putting an awning overhead incorporates the expanded outdoor space into your business' main area so that there's a seamless transition from one to another.

Allows for Outdoor Use at Night

Third, having an awning overhead will give you a place to hang lights up outdoors. Strings of lights and decorative hanging lamps enhance an outdoor area's atmosphere, and they let you use the space in the evening and at night. An awning at your business expands the hours you can use your outdoor area.

Helps Customers Stay Comfortable

Fourth, during hot afternoons, an awning provides shade for your customers. This, in turn, makes them more comfortable and may keep them at your location longer. Shoppers are more likely to peruse racks of items if the racks aren't hot from direct sunlight, and diners will linger longer if the sun isn't shining in their eyes.
While it's possible to use umbrellas to provide shade, a commercial awning does a much better job at covering a space in shade. Umbrellas only provide shade for a small area, and they must be moved throughout the day as the sun shifts across the sky. An awning can blanket an entire area in shade, and it doesn't need to be repositioned during the day.

Keeps Your Outdoor Area Cleaner

Finally, having an awning over head helps keep your outdoor area cleaner. It protects the space from falling objects, such as:
  • Rain, snow and other precipitation
  • Tree leaves, seeds and branches
  • Bird droppings
Whether you run a storefront or an eatery, it's important to protect your outdoor area from precipitation and debris like this. You certainly don't want products ruined by bird droppings, and leaves and droppings make seating areas unsightly for diners. Precipitation also makes it impossible to use an area when there's rain or snow unless there's a protective awning.
For help finding a commercial awning for your business, contact Eikelberger Awning & Drapery Co.