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Ways to Use & Care for Canvas Awnings

canvas awning
As a homeowner, you have to make many decisions in order to protect your home and make it as comfortable as possible. One of these decisions is often determining which home additions are worth the investment
One of the additions you may choose to add on to your home are awnings. If you are thinking of going with canvas awnings, this article will help you get a better idea of just some of the many ways they can be used and how to properly care for them.
How to Use Canvas Awnings
A canvas awning can be installed to protect the motor for your central air conditioner, which should be provided with shade to avoid overworking it in extreme heat. The awning will also help prevent rain from soaking the area which promotes the growth of weeds which shouldn't be allowed to overtake the area around the motor.
Canvas awnings can be installed anywhere on your property to offer extra covered parking for any type of vehicle. Canvas awnings can protect the tires, the paint job, the vehicle interior, and the electrical systems of vehicles. The awnings offer this protection by preventing sun damage, water damage, snow damage, and even hail damage.
A canvas awning installed along the wall of your home that takes on the afternoon heat helps cool your home efficiently. The afternoon sun is harsh and will be absorbed through the wall and windows. The awning prevents heat absorption from direct sunlight and helps your air conditioner keep the house cool without working as hard. Overall, that means less wear on the system and lower energy bills.
Canvas awnings can also offer shade in outside areas where your family may want to enjoy the fresh air without being burnt by the sun or soaked by the rain. Awnings can be used to cover a small porch or create a large covered sitting area.
How to Care for Your Canvas Awnings
Canvas awnings are durable, but this doesn't mean they should be put under more stress than necessary. When snow, leaves, or any other debris starts to gather on canvas awnings, it should be brushed off as quickly as possible.
Awnings can become dirty due to rain water, leaves and branches falling on them, and regular dust in the air. As soon as canvas awnings begin to get a dingy appearance, you can rinse them off with a high-powered hose. This will blast the dirt and debris off the awnings to give them back their cleaner appearance.
When a canvas awning gets one spot that's become much dirtier than the rest of the awning, it's easier to spot-clean that one area than to clean the whole canvas awning. You can spot-clean small sections of an awning with a mild laundry detergent or liquid dish soap, a nearby garden hose, and a soft nylon brush. Rinse the soap off the awning thoroughly to avoid a sticky residue that will attract more dirt in the future.
Entire canvas awnings in small to medium sizes can be cleaned by removing the canvas from the frame and using an industrial-size washing machine. To clean larger awnings, you can follow the same instructions provided above for spot cleaning but on the entire awning.
How We Can Help
Overall, canvas awnings are easy to use and easy to care for. If you're ready to discuss the possibility of having canvas awnings installed around your home, then you can contact us at Eikelberger Awning & Drapery Co. We'll be happy to discuss your needs with you, answer any questions you have, and get you set up with having awnings installed around your home.